Terms and Conditions

Thank you for selecting Pureassignments.com. Our aim is to cater you with high quality academic services and products. When you have given us your order it means that the “customer” has fully agreed with our terms and conditions in the user agreement. We do not guarantee you good grades as our services are strictly to provide you with an original reference document and related services as given in instructions.

  • The acceptance of these terms also means that we have the legal authority to charge the total amount of the order from your credit or any other payment options. The unauthorized use of any stolen card is not allowed by law and will be immediately reported to police. We are strictly against cyber crime and fraudulent orders are reported for further prosecution instantly.
  • If there is any delivery issue because of spam filters, incorrect e-mails, no internet access or general neglect, we will not be held responsible. Customer services department is available 24/7 to solve any of yours order delivery problems.
  • It is essential for you to have up-to-date software on computer and give us correct contact information. If you receive any order after your stated deadline, due to any unlikely situation, then you may request a partial or full refund. It is the decision of Pureassignments.com to accept or neglect your request on individual work basis.

Free Revision Policy

In order to totally satisfy our customers, we provide the service of free revision policy for your finished order within 14 days, and 30 days in case of large assignments, of the finished order deadline. The revision will be done according to stated initial requirements free of charge within the specified time. After that a nominal fee is charged.
Guaranteed Conditional Refund

1. In case you are not satisfied with the finished order, then you can request your money back in writing within three days. After 3 days you will lose eligibility and it will be assumed that you are satisfied
2. If order cancellation is required then it must be done before the order is given to any writer through the order messaging system or by e-mailing. The order money is non-refundable.

3. If by any means the user agreement is violated then Pureassignments.com reserves the right to approve or disapprove your order on individual case basis. Following is a list of issues that may delay your order receiving by the requested deadline.

a) Order payments not made on time: We will not start working on your order until the entire payments are not made. In such cases Pureassignments.com is not responsible for the deadline failure.

b) Issue of Verification: It is your sole responsibility to verify the billing information as soon as possible after reading our anti-fraud policies and procedures. The time schedule for verification is as follows:

i. If the order is to be delivered within 2-10 days then your billing information is verified within 8 hours.
ii. If the order is urgent; delivery within12-24 hours then you’re billing information is verified within 1 hour
iii. If the urgent order is delivered below 12 hours then your billing information is verified within 20 minutes.

c) Unclear Instructions:
In case there is a lack of clear instructions the order may not be delivered on the required deadline. In case if the initial instructions deviate from the original ones then it is considered as “editing” and will be charged as an additional service. The schedule is same as for verification issues.

d) Wrong Academic Level: If you have chosen a wrong academic level on the order then it is your responsibility to notify Customer Support immediately.

e) Queries for message System:
Our message system is a convenient way to communicate the writer. If there are any queries in the message system and you are failed or neglected to check the messaging system on time then your money will not be given back for this reason.

f) Resources: It is required from the customer to submit any kind of resources that are not readily available to the general public.

Once the order is paid then this will be regarded as that you have read all the terms and conditions and accepted the binding agreement. Any amount will not be refunded in case the paper is found to be plagiarized as we have already checked it before. The company reserves the right to use the generated paper however for 6 months. After that company reserves the right for that paper. Once the purchase is made then there will be no future liability Pureassignments.com.